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4ECK – most frequently asked question: What means 4ECK? So the ECK stands for the German words (4) ECHT COOLE KÜCHE, in English REAL COOL FOOD. The 4 is not only saying „4“ but even stands for the building here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen which is the home of our future. There are four pillars supporting the 4ECK concept: The first one is the restaurant which itselfs consists of 4 parts: sustainability, attentiveness, slow down and innovation. The other mainstays beside the restaurant are the agency of Kerstin Schumann Ishizuka „4 Consulting & Innovation“ and the wedding planner service by Uschi Glas „4 weddings & events“ as well as the horsebox bar „4 Gin & Drinks“.

Furthermore the house number here at the Klammstraße in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the 8, which means four for each owner of the 4ECK. In the beginning of the concept planning were two friends – a chef as well as a f&B manager – involved, so everything started with 4 and we also got back to the 4 during all the time of planning our business. Even the restaurant interieur is meeting the 4 theme: the 4 elements are the basic idea of the furniture.

4Eck – Take away

During the day the 4ECK is an innovative take away and self service restaurant with some extraordinary food and drinks: seasonal, fresh, from the region, even sometimes vegan or gluten free meals, tasty sandwiches, mixed salads, sweets and snacks, slushis and smoothis without any artificial additives, home-made ice tea during the summer and in winter always a “Grandma style” made by chef Sven Karge. Sustainability is our big theme for the restaurant 4ECK here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, also and above all for the take away packaging.

4Eck – Relaxed food pleasure in the evening

In the evening the „Take away 4ECK“ changes to a casual lifestyle restaurant in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is still the excellent food and creativity of chef Sven Karge, combined with selected wine, special drinks and an elegant little bar for Apero or Digestif. The menu will be small but exquisite with always new culinary surprises, depending on the market offers and season. Also a special 4ECK signature menu is offered by the chef and there will be always room for new ideas and changes. We will cook what we – and especially our guests, of course – want to, everything but standard! To bring it to the point: 4ECK food is young, fresh, cheeky and innovative but sustainable and honest.

Restaurant 4Eck is located next to the Pedestrian zone of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Klammstraße 8. Please find parking lots behind the building.

For a dinner at the 4ECk restaurant Garmisch-Partenkirchen we highly recommend a table reservation in time!

Restaurant 4Eck is located next to the Pedestrian zone of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Klammstraße 8. Please find parking lots behind the building.

For a dinner at the 4ECk restaurant Garmisch-Partenkirchen we highly recommend a table reservation in time!

Opening hours

Monday / Tuesday I 11:00 am – 6:00 pm – Wednesday to Saturday I 11:00 am – 10:00 pm I closed on Sunday.

Days kitchen closes at 5:00 pm, reservations for the evening are accepted from 6:30 pm. Special sundowner menu on the terrace Wednesday to Saturday 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

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4Eck drinks

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„Cooking means more then just a job to me, it is pleasure, emotion and a lot of passion – to live it all with your team.“

Sven Karge learned his business as a cook at the hotel school in Dresden, Germany, and then moved to Austria for six years to train his skills in the region of Kitzbühel in various hotels and restaurants, amongst others the „Schwarzer Adler“. Then, in 2011, he went to France for one season to take a job as chef at the Panorama Restaurant La Table D´orientation. Here he met the Dalai Lama during the summer in the nearby Buddhistic temple. A very special and unique experience for him. The next station was in Germany again, on the island Sylt in the North sea, starting at the former „Sturmhaube“ restaurant and one year later at the famous „Gogärtchen“. There he accompanied the re-start as a sous chef and later as the chef. And in 2018 the 4ECK team was lucky to entice him to the other end of Germany, Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria. The father of a sweet 3 years old girl represents the same values that the 4ECK wants to show: Work life balance in a great team, quality in all areas, especially food for a fantastic taste, and make eating  a real pleasure. His motto is: „Food should delight the eyes first, then the stomache and enjoyment should not be a sin.“

A view of Sven Karges stations of the past:

  • Restaurant Gogärtchen, Sylt – Chef
  • Restaurant Sturmhaube, Sylt – Sous Chef, Junior Sous Chef
  • Hotel Schwarzer Adler / Restaurant Neuwirt, Kitzbühel – Chef de Partie
  • La table de orientation, Monnetier – Mornex, Frankreich – Chef
  • Ellmauer Alm, Ellmau, Österreich – Sous Chef

…and lots more.

We are really happy that with Sven Karge another young and innovative cook has found his way together with his family to the mountains of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Best way is to visit him at the 4ECk and ask him for more details in person. We cook daily fresh at the restaurant and everybody could watch and talk to him in a living room atmosphere.

Chef Sven Karge, 4Eck restaurant Garmisch-Partenkirchen,

4Eck Gallery

4Eck history

Kerstin Schumann Ishizuka and Uschi Glas – not searched and yet found. During our common work at a hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen we found out how good we act as a team and complete each other in every possible way. It was a strong connection for month and the result was the wish to stay together. There were a lot of possibilities but at least we decided to have our own project. A common base but with enough room for our own passions. We were sure from the beginning that it should be no hotel because we needed more freedom for other activities and creativity. A restaurant, yes please, but something very new, everything but standard. So we started collecting ideas about what we want to have, how it could be, what is important to us. Fresh food, no artificial additives, made with love, comfortable take aways, smart meals, being a trendsetter – that were the first mood cards written by us. And more and more we found out what it should be: an innovative Take Away during the day and a casual lifestyle restaurant in the evening. The Take Away should be an appetizer for more of this innovative and healthy kitchen and animate guests to come back in the evening to 4ECK restaurant to consume more of it in a relaxed atmosphere.

The 4ECK team is looking forward to guests who want to treat themselves good. In all areas of the 4ECK sustainability is important to us. No plastic, reusable packings and bags, fair trade products and lots more. Over months we went to various gastro and hotel fairs to check the best items for our restaurant. From the basic idea it was a long and hard way to reach the goal. Kerstin Schumann Ishizuka did in over 700 lessons in Munich her business coach and trainer certificate. Uschi Glas worked full time as a marketing manager and prepared her own wedding planner business at the same time. The motto of both was „the day has 24 hours and the night“. Each free minute was invested in the 4ECK project. Location scouting, site inspections, authority, paper works, business start-up consultation, writing business plans, calculations, work agency and lots more. Hard work, emotional time, but we never doubted our partnership. From the moment of the idea till today we never stood still, everything came to us at the right moment and showed us that we are on the right way. We still have a lot of ideas for the future, even for the seminar room on the first floor of the 4Eck, so we highly recommend to follow us on our social media accounts to keep in touch.

4Eck partners & suppliers

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