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We will put the people in the focus of our business, as a team member or a valued guest, they all will lead to a unique and unrivalled Business. My Focus is Business Consulting and Coaching to Owners, Managing Directors and Management as well as trainings for your Teams in the Hotel Industry. Therefore, I am qualified in two ways, primarily being a
certified Hotel-Master and my long-term operating experience in Hotel-Management. Secondly as a certified Business Coach and Trainer.

Major indicators in my work are a perfect mix, tradition of quality and modern comforts or team spirit with effective structure. Together with my partner and our network we will rise your company value, optimize strategies, tweak your concept and team appreciation. Is it your goal to have satisfied guest`s, motivated team members and a true operating business? Together we can fairly develop People.




Time limited Business Management. Profit responsibility for your Business in a management Position or Project. Trustfully you can take care of your other commitments.



Business and Concept-Consulting

Change-Management, alternation of Generations or new Design, every Change should be viewed from every angle and respectfully brought together with tradition of quality and modern comfort.



Seminare- and Trainings

Seminar- and Trainings • New ways with agile Management. • Training in Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg • Developing Ideas, set Goals, accomplish Business plan




Our work life challenges us more and more. To find the best solution for action it is hard to find the needed time for reflection As your partner I will listen to you, ask questions and you will find your best answer.

Kerstin Schumann Ishizuka

To show one’s new way without changing the essence of personality is one of the biggest challenges and at the same time a wonderful goal for me in my performance.

Every Individual has their own qualities, and a perfect place in our society, our community, and as a team member. It is my main concern to find and develop these qualities as a Consultant, Trainer and Business-Coach. It is my biggest joy to see self-responsibility, with a free will, in a business environment and to strengthen this confidence.

To have a complete outlook, and to diagnose and develop perspectives for the future is my highest talent.  With that said I am well versed in finances and consolidated Life-Business experiences in the Restaurant and Hotel sectors of business.

With my many travels to the United States and being married to a US Citizen has given me a profound knowledge of English. I have been fortunate to work and experience many different business scenarios and perspectives throughout my work history in management.

My Credo will always be to “Never Finish Learning”. I am always interested in new languages, cultures, programs and generations, because I believe in “The Journey is the Reward”.


  • Apprenticeship in Hotel Business and Certified Hotel Management Mastership IHK (Industrial and Commerce Chamber)
  • Au-pair-Year in California, United States
  • Three years with the United States Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC), Chiemsee in my first leading positions and learning the highest skills of guest services and security.
  • Two years establishing the Family Restaurant “Seehaus”, learning how to be business-minded
  • Five years at the Michelin- Star Chef Heinz Winkler, which brought me to the highest quality of Hotel and Restaurant Services in my lead Position at the Front Desk and Banquet Departments.
  • 20 years with the Inter-Continental Hotels Group (IHG) in a Holiday Inn in Munich of 260 guest rooms, restaurants, bar, conference rooms, and over 100 team members as the General Manager
  • Certified Business Coach and Trainer
  • Business- and Design- Consultant
Kerstin Schumann Ishizuka, Trainer, Coach und Owner 4 Consulting & Innovation

Reliable partner

Logo atelier zierputz Karo Schumann
Logo atelier zierputz Karo Schumann