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We kindly ask you to note that we have end the delivery service now because of the terrace and restaurants re-opening. It is possible to take out food furthermore but we ask for a pre-order to avoid waiting times. In case of a fully booked restaurant and due to the fact that we are still working with reduced staff we kindly ask for your understanding that it will not always be possible to take out food. 

Take out – special 4Eck. On our  “to go” menu you have missed one thing in the last weeks: Prices.

Our philosophy for the crisis was:

“Give what you are able to afford, pay what it is worth for you.”

There is a fixed basic price from € 1 for each dish and the delivery fee in case we are going to bring the food to your home (take-out is free of charge, of course). Beside this, everyone pays what he is able to or what it is worth to him. Maybe some of you have problems at the moment, short-time work or unemployment are daily challenges. On the other hand there might be people who want to help and “give a little more” to help others to get a warm meal because for them it is worth the price. That is what we want to promote in this time: “Together for each other!” And we are absolutely sure that this will work for us, too, because everyday we see humans helping each other. We trust in you, you will make it work.

This special ended now with the re-opening of our restaurant. We say thank you for all your help and we are really looking forward to see you again soon. We go ahead with our voucher benefit: For each voucher bought for our restaurant from € 50 on we give € 5 to the Tafel Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 



Opening hours take out and delivery

Tuesday – Sunday

11:30 am – 02:00 pm I 05:30 pm – 08:00 pm


  • Delivery to GAP, Grainau, Farchant and Oberau
  • Delivery fee in GAP € 2,50, others on request
  • Payment on-site via EC, CC (Visa, Master), cash or with a 4Eck voucher (available in our online-shop); delivery cash or voucher
  • We highly recommend a pre-order by phone even for the take away service to make sure you do not have to wait with other guests in front of the restaurant. There are parking lots right in front of our take-out sales window.
  • It is possible to order food for more then one day. We deliver cold food so you just have to heat the dishes up on demand.

Take away, to go, delivery service, drive in, take out, drive by – food to go has a lot of names. The 4Eck offers most of this possibilities. It is possible to order food and take it home, order at the sales window and take it with you or order food to your home Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grainau, Farchant and Oberau. There is even the possibility to drive by and we bring the food to your car for a fast take-away. Pay with EC, Master, Visa or 4Eck vouchers (available in our online-shop). It is also possible to order for large groups or food for more days, additional we offer drinks and non-food products. We miss you all and hope to see you – even if it is just for a short time and on a distance.

Please find the current menu on our restaurant page

From the region - for the region

Corona or Covid-19 is a world-wide inconceivable crisis. Even more we are happy that we have such reliable and great partners by our side who are willing to walk with us in this crazy times. They do not give up and help each other in any possible way. Every day we are going to show you a social media special with one of our partners, just to say THANK YOU. Thank you for warm words, optimism, great products, help and assistance even and especially now. From the region for the region.

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